Language Works – About the founder and success story


Traveling a few years back I started my career as a counselling psychologist and yet there was something I wanted to add in my life. Traveling in Europe and in India I felt the need of people stranded and baffled with communication, and language could certainly become a big barrier.

I had learned French as a language back then; with no professional look ambitions to forego. While traveling to Goa once I came across a few European travellers and their plight of trying to communicate. Mingling with them and looking at their smiler I felt I could take this further

This site will not only talk about my profession in French and Japanese but also my passion of and for passing on the skills and knowledge I must to those who get fumbled and at a loss without the ability to communicate effectively in a strange land.


I am by education a psychologist and do have my own consultancy, I along with that also conduct workshops and corporate trainings.

My passion lies in teaching languages since e I also do believe that “Language breaks barriers”.

With this aim in mind I started Language Works 8 years back and would always strive to make languages a part of our daily lives, and help and many people to overcome the barrier of communication.